Focus Edge

Our Recruiting Edge

The Focus recruiting engine is comprised of proven processes and supporting tools that enable us to deliver powerful results for entire outsourced recruiting operations as well as for single hires.

It’s all built around ratios between each set of steps that have proven consistent over time, making our process effective, predictable, and easily manageable.

There’s more to great recruiting than a proven process. 21st Century recruiting cannot be accomplished by a lone headhunter with a telephone and a Rolodex. Focus maintains a rich proprietary database of professionals qualified for the kinds of positions that our clients most frequently fill. We know how to systematically scan social networks and tap into user groups and blogs to find top candidates who may not be looking for a job but have the skills needed for a challenging assignment. We have partners and access to specialized databases to meet more unique needs. The more specialized the open position, the more laser-focused our search.

The Focus recruiting engine is powerful and efficient. Best of all, its performance is predictable so clients know what to expect and when to expect it. Who said metrics can’t be exciting?

The Way We Work

Those accustomed to working with staff augmentation and technology solutions firms will quickly notice that Focus is different. We listen to our clients to fully understand their needs. We provide customized solutions and services that address their specific needs and make our senior leadership fully available at any time. We pay the same kind of attention to the needs of our team members. We think it’s the only way to do business, even if it causes us to stand out in a crowd.

Above all, we treat our colleagues and our clients the same way we want to be treated.

We’re On Call

Focus clients have the cell phone numbers of our management team, and they know they’re welcome to call, 24/7. It’s just part of what we call Focus customer service.

We’re Easy to Work With

Everything about our accounting, contracting, billing, and reporting systems and processes is designed to give clients what they need. It may mean a little extra work for us, but it makes us very easy to work with. Our core values compel us to deliver strong customer service, even after our services and solutions have been delivered.