Work Performed

High volume staffing support in the area of QA testing of Billing Systems


When Sprint and Nextel announced their forthcoming merger, a significant challenge rested beneath the surface, and out of the public eye – how to incorporate the companies’ highly complex Amdocs Billing and CRM systems. Amdocs, the leading provider of software platforms and products for wireline, wireless, cable and satellite providers, selected Focus to create a specialized IT QA testing team with specific expertise in the pertinent Amdocs systems and modules.


Focus drew from deep experience with telecommunications products and technologies, making it uniquely equipped to identify and rapidly deploy a team of more than 30 specialists within the timeframe of one month. Because Focus, alone, understood precisely which skill sets were needed, and had established relationships of trust and respect with numerous independent IT experts, the company and its team of Focus consultants promptly went to work.

Performance Period

June 2006 – Present