Training and Rewards

Professional Growth

One of the most critical ways Focus serves as an advocate for its employees is by providing them with challenging work along with a structure for pursuing their desired career paths. Because many of our team members spend most of their days at client sites, they require and receive special care so they can stay connected to the administrative, human resources, and training support Focus provides.

Our expertise is built on finding and retaining professionals who share our commitment to continuous professional growth. We strive to give our people what they need to succeed, so our clients will always get the excellence they deserve.


At Focus, we view the recognition of team members’ outstanding contributions as a critical part of our ongoing success for clients and as a company. Beyond just showing people that their efforts are appreciated, our recognition efforts are designed to also provide high performers with tangible benefits for their work.

The centerpiece of our recognition efforts is the Focus More recognition program, which compels team members to be more, encourage more, accomplish more, and grow more. The More program features individual recognition awarded by management monthly, opportunities for peer-awarded recognition monthly, and components that support our team members outside the office with their families and in their communities. We feel that it is important to celebrate and recognize—through greeting and gift cards—team members’ birthdays and service anniversaries in addition to other occasions throughout the year.

At Focus we never forget the difference between doing a job and doing an exceptional job.